Opening in 1844 and covering more than 80 acres, the Berlin Zoo is the oldest and largest zoological park in Germany. Overcoming the ravages of the Second World War, it has become one of the world’s most popular zoos, welcoming millions of visitors each year. It displays almost 20,000 animals from more than 1,400 different species. This is one of the most comprehensive collections in the world. The first animals were donated by the King of Prussia. It is the former home of Knut, the polar bear cub, and Bao Bao, a Giant panda. Many of the exhibits are designed to mimic the animals’ natural habitats. The regularly scheduled animal feedings are popular attractions. Visitors can see playful orangutans, cuddly koala bears, endangered rhinos and arctic penguins as well as lions, tigers, elephants and a menagerie of colorful birds. The aviary is housed in the Alfred Brehm Animal House, one of the world’s largest zoological buildings. Another architectural feature is the Asian influenced Elephant Gate. Open year round, the Berlin Zoo is easily accessible by public transportation.


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is a city with a rich and controversial history. There are many excellent cultural attractions and events to see on a trip to Berlin. There are three attractions that should be at the top of any travelers itinerary.

The Pergamom Museum was established in 1910 and attracts over one million visitors each year. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Berlin. This museum displays reconstructed, ancient buildings that were originally located in Turkey. There is also a Middle Eastern Museum and a Museum of Islamic Art at this same location.

The German Historical Museum contains a wide variety of displays about the history of Berlin and the nation as a whole. There is an extensive art collection, a coin display, displays of military items and exhibits of German cultural items. The museum also has an extensive library of history books and documents.

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most recognized symbols in Germany. The gate is designed in ancient, Greek style and was intended to represent peace. During the time of the division of Germany, the Brandenburg Gate was the dividing line between East and West Berlin.


Visitors to the Black Forest in Germany will find plenty to do in the area. Those who enjoy the outdoors can hike through forests and up mountains. There are hiking tours for people who want to spend several days hiking on a lengthy trail. Bicyclists can ride on trails that go up mountains and down into valleys. Those who enjoy spending time in the water can swim in the area’s lakes or water ski on the Rhine River.

Tourists can wander through historic castles, palaces and churches. Black Forest museums have displays of jewelry, costumes and cuckoo clocks. Shoppers who want to buy cuckoo clocks and other items made in the Black Forest area can shop at specialty shops in quaint villages or visit chic shops in the city of Baden-Baden. There are a number of jewelry stores in the city of Pforzheim.

Travelers who are hungry after sightseeing can enjoy local cuisine such as chocolate cake with sour cream and cherries. Crepes with cheese, ham and cream are another Black Forest specialty.
The hits keep comin’: Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks – Black Forest, Germany


The Bavarian Alps are located in the Bavarian state territory in Germany. Upper Bavaria is a great place to go on vacation. Most people come to the area for hiking, but upper Bavaria has many tourist attractions. The scenery in the Bavarian Alps is enchanting. The alps have peaks, trees, and lakes. Nature enthusiast frequently visit the area throughout the year. The area also has bars and nightclubs for people who prefer life in the city. Besides the natural beauty of Bavaria, it is a region that connects the Czech Republic and Austria. German vacations in the mountains are very economical. The Bavarian Alps is home to several castles. The German locals are very friendly, and are usually happy to share their culture with tourist. German vacations in the mountains provide the perfect view of nature.

The Bavarian Alps are located close to Munich. Munich is the home of Oktoberfest. However, the city has many museums and galleries to visit. If you fly to Munich, you can get a fantastic view of the Alps. The city also has many parks and gardens decorating the city. You are sure to have a great time on your German vacation when you visit the Bavarian Alps.


Seeing the real Germany is only possible when someone is willing to travel like the people who live and work in the remote parts of the country. Going to the local tourist spots is fun, but most of the time, visitors miss the real flavor of the area.

Taking a trip on the train though the region will not only offer great views of all the scenery, it is possible to get off and on the train at will. Some people enjoy traveling at night because most of the rail systems have small rooms that several people can rest in. They are offered a blanket and pillow and a type of bed to sleep on. It might take a little bit of time to get use to, but after a few nights many people comment they feel like they are rocked to sleep just like a baby.

There are so many things to see in this great country and no one wants to miss the Berlin wall. It is an amazing sight and the once divided country can now be one nation while visitors enjoy seeing a little bit of history. Churches and castles are all over and many of them are free. Enjoy a service in one of the small sanctuaries while enjoying all the beautiful artwork.

Taking a trip by rail is an adventure that most people will never forget. Start planning today and be ready to make memories of a beautiful county and welcoming people.

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